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Player 5 pt. major

CH Denzel Kenara
Package Deal

CH Denzel
The Pickpocket
CH Denzel
Play On Words (SOM)
CH Denzel
Pleased As Punch
"Kizzy" "Pocket" "Player" "Punch"
2007 2001 1998 2003
Sire of 1 Champion Sire of 6 Champions

CH Denzel
Pleasing To The Eye
CH Denzel
Pockey Money
CH Denzel
The Practical Joker
CH Denzel
Preferential Treatment
"Zing" "Raven" "Joker" "Favor"
2003 2004 2010 2003
Dam of 1 Champion

Puppet - 5 pt. major
CH Loteki Denzel
Am/Dutch CH Denzel
Prince Regent
CH Denzel
The Puppeteer
CH Denzel
Puttin' On The Ritz, RN
"Leslie" "Reggie" "Puppet" "Ritzy"
1992 (D) 1997 1997 2002
  Sire of 2 Champions    

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