CH Denzel Can't Say Enough (DOD)

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CH Denzel Say The Magic Word (SOD), BIS/BISS Winner
CH Denzel The Cat Burglar
28 July 2003
White & red
Tracy Burdick
Tracy Burdick



At the beginning of her show career, Josie was bitten by a copperhead snake. She recovered completely (except for a scar and hairless patch under her jaw) and went on to gain her championship. She finished with a 5-point major, handled by Mary Keith Welch (Damarkee Papillons).  Josie is the last puppy produced by her famous sire and has proven to be a fabulous producer, with 9 champions produced in her first 3 litters. She has produced a 4-champion litter and two 3-champion litters. Now retired and spayed, Josie will pursue Rally obedience with her new owner (and former handler), Mary Keith Welch.



CH Denzel Can't Be Imitated - D, RWD 2007 PCA National Specialty, WD/BOW 2008 PCA Northeast Regional #1
CH Denzel Can't Buy Me Love - B, BOS Sweeps 2009 MAP Specialty
CH Denzel Can't Catch Me - D, WD 2010 MAP Specialty
CH Denzel Can't Fool Me - D
CH Denzel Can't Forget Me - D

CH Denzel Can't Get You Out Of My Mind - D
CH Denzel Can't Keep A Secret - D
CH Denzel Can't Live Without Me - B
CH Denzel Can't Resist Me - B
CH Denzel Can't Stop Me Now - D, BW 2009 PCA Central Regional Specialty
Denzel Can't Top This - D
CH Denzel Center Stage - D
CH Denzel Enough About Me - B, RWB & Best Puppy 2008 PCA National
CH Denzel Enough Said - B
CH Denzel Front And Center - D

GCH Denzel Look At Me Now - B, BOS Sweepstakes 2010 PCA National, BOW 2010 PCA Central Regional, BOW 2011 PCA Northeast Regional, BOS PCA National Specialty
Denzel Now Hear This - D, major pointed

Denzel Now You're Talking - D, major pointed
Denzel Pop Art - D, major pointed, BOW 2012 MAP Specialty #1
Denzel Pop Icon - D, pointed

Pictured at 7 months

Pictured at 7 months Pictured at 7 months